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Welcome to the OOTS guild page

This guild is more focus on hard mode and above content.  Our members are expected to raid and be what is called "Hard mode ready" This means knowing the fights watching videos when available.  No Bullshit in this guild it's a small guild of good players those that try out and can't make the grade are welcome to join our sister more casual guild "Novus Ordo Mundi".  Our goal is to have a home for any type of player.  OOTS is for people that really want to achive end game content while NOM is more casual and most likely won't do nightmare modes.

Keep in mind we are not a "Hard core" guild we are kinda a hybrid in the sense we will hit the hard content but we most likely arn't going to be doing 4 weeks a week in that content.

Raids are posted sun-mon for the entire week.  So people have advance warning to signup for them.  If you signup and no show 3 times you will be kicked out (of course if something came up and you notified the raid leader or gm those will not count as a strike, we understand real life happens however people that signup are counted on to be there.)

Raid times are posted in CTS time zone.  

We are willing to train people that need it but you still need to be "Hard mode ready" currently that is full 69 with 4 peice set bonus for your role.

You can mesage helltrom for more details.

Our Sister guild for more casual players can be found at http://nom.guildlaunch.com/
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